The inspiration for our business was to create a highly focused professional audit practice with the simple objectives of client as priority and Recovery Audit service excellence.

Our Partners have recovered in excess of £1 Billion for clients across all industries, leading the most productive audits in the UK. What’s more, you only pay fees based on the lost profits we return to your business.

Our Focus is Your Profit

Quite simply, putting the interests of our clients at the centre of everything we do. The exceptional standards of service you would receive would be apparent from before Audit Day 1. These standards reach way beyond excellent recoveries, but we do have a track record of invariably finding more for our clients than predecessor audit teams.

A Team You Can Trust

Our character and competency is demonstrated through our highly experienced audit team delivering optimal audit results in the right way whilst maintaining excellent supplier relationships.

Our Ethos is to Help You Improve

We do not attempt to hide how we do it, or what we find within your business. We actively encourage our clients to understand our work and work with them to address the problems we identify.

...Our relationship was one of partnership rather than client and supplier, illustrated by the fact that they adopted our business practices and made our priorities theirs.

The core audit function consistently delivered impressive financial results, with year on year growth and feedback of findings to enable us to improve our processes...