Recovery Audit Services

Every day companies make agreements with suppliers, customers and partners and these decisions take many forms – alterations and extensions to terms under existing contracts, credit notes for substandard goods and services, new procurements with established suppliers, a handshake with a brand new relationship … do these turn out the way you originally intended?

Our partners have hundreds of years of combined experience providing assurance in procure to pay and receivables. We provide analytical and forensic auditing services designed to check compliance and compare outcome with intent at transactional level detail. Our experience enables us to facilitate a review of both your Procurement and Finance functions in a manner that pays for itself several times over.

Our experts have reviewed millions of supply and receivable arrangements, undertaking annual audits on behalf of some of the world’s largest organisations.

It’s our job to provide the answers, ensure your business receives what was intended, uphold your values and help you improve your business processes.


Our work is largely sector agnostic and we have a wealth of Recovery Audit experience experience within your type of organisation
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Retail, FMCG and Grocery

High transaction volumes mean the slightest error can affect your profit margins.
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Accounts Payable & Receivable

Your business could be leaking significant profits… Aveiroe Europe can recover them for you
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Contract Financial Audits

Can you be certain that you are paying all your suppliers in line with the terms you agreed?
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VAT errors can have serious cash flow and regulatory consequences
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Do you have concerns over growing costs and accuracy of what you are spending on property?
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On both occasions the team quickly delivered outstanding results, recovering millions of pounds of profit, and did it in such a way as to avoid any disruption to the business and to help embed the learnings and capabilities into both businesses for future benefits.

We are confident we can add value to your business

Both in terms of recovering monies due and providing insights to prevent ongoing profit leakage