Contract Financial Audits

Every company contracts with a diverse range of suppliers. Can you be certain that you are paying all your suppliers in line with the terms you agreed? Is your company receiving everything to which it is entitled? Aveiroe Europe will provide insight and recover what is due back to your company.

Contractual relationships are fluid and there is always the risk that you will not be able to track every change. Likewise, suppliers do not always charge you correctly and payments may not be in line with what is contractually due.

Whatever the cause, if these errors are not identified and corrected the risk and scale of lost profits to your business can be significant.

We have a track record of success in financial contract compliance delivering significant results for our clients across a range of geographies, industries and specialist contract areas.

Every company and their contractual engagement with suppliers and other third parties will be unique. Within each company, various departments and divisions will have different requirements creating complexity and introducing a margin for error. Aveiroe Europe understand this and will create a bespoke audit programme to meet your individual needs for each part of your business.

Our ethos is to help you improve through our knowledge sharing “Faculty Services”. Beyond financial recoveries, we will empower you with the tools to strengthen your negotiating position in future arrangements as well as helping you to improve your internal processes.

Every client is unique but, for example, we would usually recommend a review of these expenditure areas:

Supply chain, Capex & Property, Marketing & Media, Professional & Logistics, Office, Facilities & Waste Management, IT Support & Infrastructure, Utilities & Licensing