Do you have concerns over growing costs and accuracy of what are spending on property? Aveiroe Europe can provide reassurance and recover any monies due back to business.

Property represents a significant proportion of expenditure in any business, which combined with complexity of applicable legislation can lead to error even within the best run property and accounting departments. From business rates to rents payable, the scope for small errors that can add up to large sums is significant.

Our team have a proven track record of recovering significant lost property costs to clients throughout the UK and Europe in a range of business sectors

Aveiroe Europe will create and perform a tailored audit review across your property costs and income to ensure you pay or receive exactly what is due. Beyond financial recoveries, our “Faculty” programme provides process improvement assistance to help prevent future error.

We work on a contingency basis which means you only pay fees based on what we are able to recover on your behalf

In addition to the recoveries we return to your bottom line you receive the comfort of a comprehensive health check of your internal and outsourced property processes and controls.

We do not compete or conflict in any way with your professional property advisors or outsourced property arrangements.