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Welcome to Aveiroe Europe

Our Focus Is Your Profit

By appointing Aveiroe Europe, you can have confidence that you are working with a team that has extensive Recovery Audit experience and cross – sector knowledge. This is coupled with an unfailing focus to deliver client service and supplier management excellence in terms of optimising recoveries. We create a bespoke collaborative engagement model for new and existing audit areas, and genuinely we want to help you continuously improve your own processes.

Your Requirements

Whatever your industry or role, Aveiroe Europe have a service tailored to help you.

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Recovery Audit Services

Put simply, Aveiroe Europe will add value to your business through the recovery of lost profits and our ability to help you correct the causes.

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About Us

Find out why Aveiroe Europe are different through the words of those who have worked with our team.

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Contact our audit experts to see how we can help you.

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What our clients say about us

"The Aveiroe team very quickly delivered outstanding results, surpassing our expectations in terms of recoveries. I not only appointed Aveiroe again when I moved, I’ve also recommended them to peers at other Retailers.”

"Their “can do” enthusiasm, patience throughout the data gathering process and the investment in the relationship helped ensure our needs were met and compare very favourably with their competitors in this space."

" Aveiroe Europe’s conviction and determination to invest, impress and out-perform their competitors far outweighed any perceived risk of going with a relative newcomer to the market. The experience and calibre of their team was evident from kick-off, making the entire process “pain free” from our perspective."

"The team carried out a comprehensive audit programme whilst taking up minimal time from our personnel both during the start-up/data acquisition stage and throughout the audit itself. I was also pleased with the speed at which recoveries were realised – a matter of weeks after appointment."

"Although Aveiroe were a relatively young organisation, I was immediately struck by the proposed audit delivery team, and the knowledge and experience that was to be made available to us."

"Howard and his team quickly delivered outstanding results, recovering millions of pounds of profit, and did it in such a way as to avoid any disruption to the business and to help embed the learnings and capabilities into both businesses for future benefits."

"The team looked deeper into our financial and contractual records than previous audit companies we had appointed, engaging professionally and sensitively with both internal teams and our suppliers, delivering significant monies to the bottom line in a short space of time."

"This work helped us to significantly improve our financial controls around this process without incurring material additional costs.They have provided exceptional value to our business in terms of both the core services and their work on this project. I would work with Aveiroe again, without hesitation, and recommend their services."

"Without being obtrusive they have developed the required knowledge of our systems and contracts and have never let us down with their dealings with sensitive supply relationships and we’ve continued to extend their contract over many years because they continuously add value to our business. In many respects they have been exemplary as a problem-free supplier."

"The results from their recovery audit work speak for themselves financially, with over ten times the value returned to the business when compared with the previous recovery audit provider.”

We are confident we can add value to your business

Both in terms of recovering monies due and providing insights to prevent ongoing profit leakage